Baltimore Comic Con 2016: Day 2

Saturday proved to be a long day, but man was it worth it!

I scheduled myself to take in 5 panels, pretty much back to back. So, I had to hit the con floor quickly to pick up a few things. My bag was already weighing heavy on me as I brought in a few books to get signed.

I stopped by a dealer who specialized in magazines and picked up 25 issues of Alter Ego I needed as well as some issues of The Jack Kirby Collector, issue #28 of Back Issue magazine with an Iron Man cover drawn by the late Darwyn Cooke and a copy of Comics Scene from 1982 that focused on Jack Kirby (thankfully I was able to leave these with the vendor until the end of the day).

Walking through the aisles I picked up Wally Wood Jungle Adventures from Vanguard Productions for half off cover, a limited edition of Jodorowsky and Bouca’s book The Shadow’s Treasure from Humanoids for a steal. I also got IDW’s A Princess Of Mars with beautiful illustrations by Michael Wm. Kaluta and Beyond Mars, a rare and little known newspaper strip from the 50’s collected in it’s entirety. I got both of these for less than half of cover price.

Time being of the essence I lugged my haul up to the first panel of the day “Drawing Dinosaurs” which you can watch in it’s entirety below. The panel, moderated by Robert Greenberger, featured artists Walter Simonson, Frank Cho, Mark Schultz and Eric Powell.

From there I quickly moved on to the “Tom King and Jamie S. Rich in Conversation” panel.

And then on to the “Spotlight On Joe Giella” panel.

Remember those books I brought to get signed? I went back downstairs to wait at The Hero Initiative Booth for Mr. Giella to sign my copies of Batman and Robin The Silver Age Dailies. While waiting in line I purchased the last copy of his black & white art print for the cover of Flash #123 “The Flash of Two Worlds”.


I had a brief but great conversation with Mr. Giella and told him I brought my copy of The Flash Archives vol. 1 but that I had left it in the car, he told me to go get it and he would stay to sign it for me. So, I ran the 4 blocks to the car and back with just enough time to get it signed and make it to the next panel.


The “Darwyn Cooke Tribute”

And with that I made the trek back to my vehicle, flipped through some of the books I had just purchased, changed and made my way to the Harvey Awards.

Come back for “Day 3” where I’ll cover the Harvey Awards, some of the cosplay and the last day of the 2016 Baltimore Comic Con!

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Thomas ODonnell

Thomas ODonnell

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