Burt Ward: New Batman 1966 Animated Film is “Shocking”

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The iconic Boy Wonder from the campy 60’s Batman television show, Burt Ward, was recently interviewed on The Batcave Podcast and has made heads turn with his new remarks on the upcoming animated film. Ward says the new flick will be unlike anything before ever made from the series and will completely shock fans for they aren’t going to get what they are expecting:

“I can tell you right now everyone that’s ever watched our show is going to be back on their heels when they see this because they’re about to get something that they’re not expecting,” he said. “And this is gonna be a real eye-opener, I guarantee you.”-Burt Ward

Burt also added another little tidbit for the fans:

“This movie turns the whole Batman concept on its head — and that is actually accurate,” he teased. “So, what you’re expecting of Batman and the villains is not gonna be what happens. It’s going to be different. And I think we’re going to have an audience that is gonna be shocked as well as entertained. Because this is ‘Wow.’”

The animated film is being released in the fall of this year to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the show. Adam West and Burt Ward are reprising their roles as Batman and Robin for the film. On the heels of nostalgia if only we could have all of the original actors come back to reprise their iconic Rogues’ Gallery roles.


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