Review: Nightwing #6

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: Steve Orlando & Tim Seeley
Script: Tim Seeley
Artist: Roge Antonio
Colorist: Chris Sotomayor

Nightwing is still a monster after the events of Batman #8. Gotham Girl overcomes her fear and lack of confidence to follow through with Batwoman’s plan to deliver the antidote that will save Dick from life as one of Hugo Strange’s creations. Dick and Stephanie Brown, aka Spoiler, take the lead in trying to get a new lead on Strange by reviewing the information they have on him. Meanwhile, at the Caves, another monster takes off in search of the Bat-Family.


As this monster approaches Dick and Steph’s location, they are able figure out that Strange’s plan all along was to goad Batman into a one-on-one meeting with Strange. Batman, not one to disappoint prepares for this encounter in the finale of “Night of the Monster Men” in next week’s Detective Comics #942!


While we know Dick is not going to remain a monster forever, there is a nice tension with Gotham Girl as she overcomes her fears to administer the antidote. The team works together and solidifies the concept of family for Batman and co. Dick gets to be the number one detective of the group as he figures out the underlying theme of Strange’s plan; the monsters are Strange’s diagnosis of Batman.


It can be difficult for a reader when a book is part of a multi-part crossover, and the reader isn’t following all the titles involved. This is true with “Night of the Monster Men.” However, the team does their best to keep Dick the focus of this issue.


“Night of the Monster Men” has been a strong Bat-Family crossover. Keeping it to one month of titles double shipping is a more concise method for doing crossovers. The weekly frequency has to be one of the positive lessons learned from the successful weekly Batman series from the past couple of years. If you are enjoying the crossover, you can’t miss Nightwing #6, and if not, in just two weeks we are back on track with Nightwing and Raptor in Nightwing #7!


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