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Writer: Robert Venditti
Penciller: Rafa Sandoval
Inker: Jordi Tarragona
Colorist: Tomeu Morey

It has seemed as if this arc has been building to a true final confrontation between Hal Jordan and Sinestro. It is even acknowledged in the story that this yet again another showdown between the two and that there doesn’t seem to be any finality. With this tease, it makes you wonder about this issue….


This issue recounts Hal’s development and journey through fear to the other side.
No, really it does. Venditti nicely summarizes the major events in Hal’s life that have shaped him and his fight against fear, starting with the death of his father through his career as a test pilot and as a Green Lantern up to his present assault on Sinestro. Upon reflection, this is a very clever approach to this showdown. It brings another level in, this is not just Hal versus Sinestro, but it’s Hal fighting to overcome fear which has been with him since he watched his father die in a crash.

And while Hal and Sinestro have it out, Guy is rescued by Soranik and John and the rest of the Corps arrive just in time to face the exodus from Warworld. What was it that just happened on Warworld? Did Hal just stare down Sinestro and confess to knowing this was his final flight?


Perhaps, this is the true final showdown between Jordan and Sinestro. At least it feels like it might be. Tracing the role fear has played in Hal Jordan’s life makes this story bigger and more impactful on Jordan and his career as a Green Lantern. Soranik’s return and rescue of Guy is welcome. There’s always a part of me that wants to see Sinestro and Hal reconcile and somehow ally themselves under the same light. This issue plays upon that notion as Sinestro genuinely respects Jordan’s ability and still feels hurt when he thinks of Hal’s betrayal of him. Sinestro truly is the hero of his own story.


Will there ever be a final showdown between the Joker and Batman? Will there ever be a final showdown between Superman and Lex Luthor? Can this really be the last of Sinestro or Hal? It doesn’t mean that we can’t be teased, but this is nagging in the back of my mind. If it is for real, then this is well done and done right.


It seems unlikely that Hal or Sinestro will perish in this story, but perhaps this could be a victory for Hal in which Sinestro is beaten and loses his will to fight again. Venditti has me “all in” for whatever the outcome.


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