Review: Action Comics #966

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s note: Thank you for your patience waiting for this review while we updated our website host. This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Pencils: Stephen Segovia
Inks: Art Thibert
Colorist: Ulises Arreola

With the relaunch of Superman under the Rebirth banner a few months ago, Action Comics posited a number of questions in the first two issues. The Doomsday arc may have drawn out a little too long, but with last month’s “Superman, Meet Clark Kent” story and this month’s “Lois Lane: Back at the Planet,” Action Comics is answering some of those questions. More importantly, they are being answered in truly entertaining ways, ie: great comics!

When we left Lois Lane last issue, she had just come face to face with Superwoman.


While we follow that encounter in Lois’s narration, we see Clark and Jon enjoy some quality father son time as only a superman and super-son could. It’s not long before Superman ends up between Lois and Superwoman, and instead of a lengthy drawn out fight, cooler heads prevail and the three do a lot of sharing. While clearly there are still questions to be answered, the three come to an understanding all centered around their affection for this world’s Lois Lane. Lois will be assuming the life of the Lois who’s disappeared and and at this point, only these three will know. The issue ends with a teaser for the next story, “Men of Steel,” and it looks like someone’s got it in for a wearer of the “S” shield, but for whom?


This first point is not necessarily about Action Comics, but rather a number of DC titles. Instead of the six-issue story arc, Action Comics, among others, is telling shorter two-issue stories all while peppering in enough sub plot to set up the upcoming stories. This works extremely well in the twice monthly publishing format.


The sequence between Clark and Jon is wonderful. It accesses both sides of Clark: super-powered and regular dad. Both aspects are equally satisfying, but to have such a mundane dad moment to which so many fathers and children can relate is a really strong character moment. It epitomizes how Superman is relatable. This was echoed in the meeting between Superwoman, Clark, and Lois. By dwelling on the relationships, these scenes strengthened the bond between these characters and the bond between these characters and the readers.
Lastly, it was just plain fun to see Lois back in her element and be the character we know and love.


The shorter story arcs, heavy emphasis on character and payoff to some of the questions presented way back in Superman: Rebirth #1 and Action Comics #957 make it difficult to find any negatives in this issue.


Action Comics is hitting on all cylinders right now. This is what great comics are supposed to be! It doesn’t hurt that it features the first and greatest comic book super-hero of all time. This is a Superman that is relatable and engenders all the wonder and excitement he’s been known for in his 78 years of existence.


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