Review: New Talent Showcase #1: Wonder Woman: Blood and Glory

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Vita Ayala
Artists: Khary Randolph, John Rauch

Wonder Woman is deep in battle in the city streets against an army of ancient monsters of Greek mythology! Who is behind these attacks and why? And if unleashing monsters is only the start of their plan, what’s next?

This was a great story in the showcase! I love plenty of action in my comic books and who better than Wonder Woman to deliver! Although the story was minor, it was filled with good writing and great feel overall. The appearance of The Flash as a small comic relief was good as well.

My only complaint about the story seems to be a positive. I wanted more! This story is sending Diana on a dangerous path where she doesn’t even want the Justice League to go, so I’m eager to see who has her so angry right now. I have my theories as to who our villain might be but we’ll see.

I thought “Blood and Glory” was a good story and a great way to start Wonder Woman’s journey against this unknown enemy. I’ve always enjoyed Wonder Woman going solo because she’s such a powerful figure, so I hope whoever is behind it all is ready for a fight!


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