Review: The Death of Hawkman #5

by Tony Farina
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artists: Aaron Lopresti and Rodney Buchemi
Inkers: John Livesay and Blond

In this penultimate issue, we finally learn why Allana has been acting so strange (pun intended). We see the fall of a Green Lantern and the rise of a new one. We find out that Despero is a bad, bad dude and his powers are literally out of this world. Adam changes costumes and Hawkman cracks a joke. Cyborg makes a cameo. It is always good to see Vic. 

The story make so much more sense now. I am not one who needs things spelled out for me all the time, but there was something just not right with the way Allana was acting. Good news. Everything is fine. She loves Adam. Bad news. She has been mind controlled by Despero, who, it turns out, can even mind control Victor Stone. That seems like a big deal to me. Yikes.

I have been enjoying the art team’s work here. There is a lot of action still and they really capture a lot of nuance. In this issue, the “normal folk” attack Katar and Adam and that is not good for the, but for us, the reader, that is great. In the hands of this art team, we see possession really take hold. It is hard to imagine what possession looks like, but you don’t have to; it is right here.

This is a bit too long winded. Yes, I am all for clarity, but there is just a bit too much exposition here. Show me something. I am all in on this adventure, I want some adventure. I also felt the jokes fell a bit flat in this issue. Up to this point, I have chuckled every time. This time, in the wake of everything, it all falls flat. I want to like this book. I do like it. I just is not what it has been. 

Kendra appears on the cover and then she is not even in the book. That feels like a total rip off. I was wondering when she would show up. It turns out, she is not going to. Hmmm

This is the weak link of this series. I have been totally invested up to this point, but I am disappointed. Fingers crossed for a strong finish and the actual death of Hawkman. Not that I want him to die, but you can not call the book that and have it end differently.

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