DC’s Young Animals Revisit a Jack Kirby Classic with “BUG!”

by JC Alvarez
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The daring new DC Comics imprint Young Animals takes a fresh look at a classic DC Comics character Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Forager is back in some daring new adventures!

What a legacy! Jack “The King” Kirby established a rare mythology in the DC Comics universe when he introduced the “Fourth World” and the “New Gods” — beings that exist outside of the realm of our heroic pantheon and include among their ranks none other than beings of New Genesis that inhabit Supertown, and the horrors of Apokolips reigned upon by Darkseid! One of the more unique characters that emerges (literally) from beneath the majesty from above is The Bug , The Forager.

Evolved from a society of humanoid insects that live in colonies and are ruled by a collective hive, the Forager rose above his people to join the New Gods in various epic conflicts against the warring demons of Apokolips, Darkseid’s armies of lethal agents. Introduced by Kirby in 1972, plenty of mystery has always surrounded the enigmatic adventurer, and it was often debated that the scarlet pants rebel was perhaps himself descended from the New Gods. In the 1988 prestige format miniseries Cosmic Odyssey the Forager met a heroic end.

Fortunately there’s always life after death in the DC Universe, and the Forager is facing redemption in a new title as part of the creatively edgy DC’s Young Animal imprint and returns in a new series Bug!: The Adventures of Forager. It turns out the new miniseries will be a family affair and has been delegated to Lee, Michael, and Laura Allred who will be collaborative writing, drawing and coloring the title. The Allreds are promising a fresh and thrilling new take on Forager, and still plan to remain faithful to the spirit of the hero introduced by Jack Kirby.

“If you gave me the chance to list characters I’d most like to get my hands on,” said Michael Allred who will be the artist on the book, “Forager the Bug sits squarely at the top.” The series will be paying homage to other Kirby creations including his version of the “Golden Age” Sandman and his sidekick Sandy, Blue Beetle and more! “I couldn’t possibly be more pumped about this series!” Bug!: The Adventures of Forager will be unlike anything currently on newsstands, and will expand on the unique hero’s own story for today’s audience.

“I am absolutely thrilled to have the first family of comics, the Allreds, producing Bug!: The Adventures of Forager.” said Gerard Way, the curator of the Young Animals imprint for DC Comics. “DC is celebrating the fantastic brain of Jack Kirby and this is our offering that wonderful tribute. In Young Animal fashion, this miniseries takes an alternative look at a character from the past, who still has a few unturned stones in his history.”

This reinvention of Forager will be very much in the vein of the mind-blowing, unconventional and  creative approach given to other DC heroes in the Young Animal line, appropriately offering a mind-bending romp to a free-spirited character ready to take a fanciful journey across the Multiverse as Forager prepares to prevent the evil General Electric from altering the very fabric of life, and perhaps the bug may even establish himself as a New God in the end!

Bug!: The Adventures of Forager will be let loose on May 10, and will be joining Doom Patrol, Mother Panic among titles in the unique DC’s Young Animal line of comics.

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