[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Stephen Byrne

The Justice League and the Power Rangers must split up to face monsters that have landed all around the world.

The cover by Karl Kerschl is amazing. It’s nice to see the Megazord next to normal sized people; that allows me to get a better sense of how big it is. The cover is also incredibly well drawn and looks fantastic.

The interior art by Stephen Byrne continues to be wonderful. Every character has a distinct and expressive face which is nice. I love Byrne’s coloring; the red hue is really atmospheric. Byrne uses the lights of Tokyo to give those scenes a really cool look and it looks amazing.

I love how massive the scale is. In the show, Lord Zedd and the other villains only ever attack one city. It’s cool to see him attack a ton of places at once forcing the Rangers to split up. What is also great about the scale is that a ton of DC heroes make an appearance fighting these monsters. It’s cool to see this insane number of heroes come together. It doesn’t happen very often but it’s a lot of fun to see.

The ending is great. I like what Zedd and Brainiac’s goal was and I like the situation the heroes are left in. It’s a neat cliffhanger.

This is a great read. There is a lot of action featuring a wide variety of heroes which makes it a lot of fun. Tom Taylor does a nice job of making the situation feel really intense but still fun and energetic. The art is gorgeous and a lot of fun to look at.

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