Batman and Bill: A new documentary about Bill Finger and the creation of Batman

by Joseph Marcas
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For several years now, moviegoers have been treated to larger than life cinematic experiences based on comic book superheroes that have become cultural phenomenons. Billions are made on movies about iconic characters while even more money is made on introducing lesser known characters through their own films or television shows. However, in this current movie climate of yearly releases from major studios and comic book publishing giants, one film will take a closer look at the creation of the most popular superhero on the planet: Batman.

Among the faithful fans of DC and Batman, it is well known that Bob Kane created Batman, who debuted in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939 (Editor’s note and also maybe fun fact: the cover date reads May 1939 but the book actually printed March 30, 1939). If you were to look at comic books, movies, cartoons and television shows, the credit always went to Bob Kane for creating Batman. However, in recent years, most notably in 2016’s Batman v Superman, fans have noticed that the credits begun to show another name: Bill Finger. Now the credits began to read “Batman created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger.” Up to that point, not many people knew who Bill Finger was outside the inner circles of comic book fandom but now Finger would get the recognition he deserved. But how did this happen?

A new Hulu documentary, entitled Batman & Bill, will take a closer look at the story behind the creation of the Dark Knight and the fight to get Finger the recognition he deserved. For example, many of the things you think about when you think “Batman” actually came from Bill Finger, and not solely Bob Kane.

Here’s a look at the exclusive trailer, courtesy of

Fans can expect an in-depth look at this story with interviews of prominent DC fans and historians, such as director Kevin Smith. This documentary looks like it can be a real treat for those who which to dive further into the Batman legend.

Batman and Bill will premier on Hulu on May 6th, which coincidentally is also Free Comic Book Day. Great timing, if you ask me!

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