Dying woman may get wonderful gift courtesy of director Patty Jenkins

by Duke Harrington

One wish of a dying woman may be to meet Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, but with the aid of DC Comics fans, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is proving to be the real rock star.

On Tuesday, April 18, Karyn Bradley took to twitter to announce the bucket list of her oldest sister, writer Melissa Bradley (@melbwrites), who is in Stage 4 of a battle with ovarian cancer. Using the hashtag #melswish, Bradley noted that Mel has just four things she wants to do before she dies: Walk the streets of Paris, meet her rock god Steven Tyler, meet movie idol Johnny Depp, and see the Wonder Woman movie she’d waited her entire life for. Mel is, Bradley pointed out, a pretty hardcore Wonder Woman fan.

Bradley (@KLBChicago) had fewer than 100 followers at the time, so it certainly seemed a long-shot shout into the social media maelstrom, at best. However, Bradley was determined, vowing to tweet every five minutes if that’s what it took to get #melswish trending. It didn’t take that many tweets though, as her plea was almost immediately picked up by fan account Talking Wonder Woman (@LetsTalkDiana), which copied the plea to Wonder Woman movie director Patty Jenkins  (@Patty Jenks), film star Gal Gadot (@GalGadot), Warner Brothers Pictures (@wbpictures), and DC Comics (@DCComics).

With Mels’ health being what it is, the trip to Paris was out, but Bradley kept up the twitter barrage over the next couple of days, at one point thanking DC Comics fans for taking up the cause.


With Wonder Woman set to hit U.S. movie screens in wide release June 2, and Mel in danger of not being around that long — or at least being too sick to go to the movies — Bradley’s goal was to arrange some kind of pre-screening for her sister, at one point saying in reply to a tweet about living with Stage 4 cancer, “. . . unfortunately her future does not look that bright as uteran cancer is very aggressive.”

Finally, Bradley’s Quixotic quest seemed to pay off when it got noticed and passed on by Grace Randolph, popular host of the Beyond the Trailer YouTube channel. Randolph has nearly 33,000 followers on Twitter, and has come to wield some influence in the entertainment world. Her channel, by the way, is well worth the time of any fan of comic book movies.


Randolph reached out to her contacts at Warner Brothers and, within the day, was able to advise Bradley, “So happy to tell you I’ve heard back from and they are on this! Keep an eye out for a message from them over the next few days!!”

The next day, Bradley got a tweet from Patty Jenkins herself:


And Mel’s reaction to that news? Bradley posed the following on April 22:

“THANK YOU 2 everyone in & twitter world, has heard our pleas! I told & she cried


So, here’s hoping Mel Bradley gets her wish to see the Wonder Woman movie we’re all looking forward to, and that it is every bit as amazing as her little sister.

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