[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: Priest, Benjamin Percy, and Dan Abnett
Pencils: Brett Booth

In the middle of battle against mercenaries with unseen technology, the Titans must use all of their resources when one of their own goes missing! Just who could have the ability to kidnap the Flash without a trace? And just what could they possibly want with Wally?

This story tugged at my emotions while I was reading this issue. Brett Booth does a great job at the artwork for this issue, as every detail, every emotion is done brilliantly. Priest, Perry and Abnett tell us a very emotionally driven story in which I actually feel sorry for Deathstroke. If you’ve read any previous issues of Deathstroke at all, you’d know that the relationship between him and his son Grant is strained at best.


I have no complaints about this issue at all.  The story is well told, and although its not Deathstroke’s book, he steals the show by showing how much of a tactician he is. From the very beginning of the page we see how Slade deceives the Titans while they continue the hunt for H.I.V.E. Slade controls the situation from the very start of the book–and I don’t see him giving up that control in the next issue either.

Titans #11 is a great read! This issue has plenty of action, plenty of emotion, and Deathstroke steals the issue although it’s not his title! The issue ends in a cliffhanger with Flash about to make a decision and I can’t wait to see what he does!



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