[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Tony S. Daniel
Inkers: Sandu Florea



General Zod has freed himself from Waller’s brain bomb and is unleashing hell upon Belle Reve Penitentiary.

Review: Suicide Squad #18


What an issue this was! Do yourself a favor and read this issue before reading this review as I’m going to spoil so much about it. For starters, the opening few pages were brilliant. Williams goes back and fourth between a steamy love encounter involving Harley and Flag, to Zod’s graphic and rather disturbing dissection of his brain using his own heat vision to remove the Kryptonite brain bomb Waller planted in him. Both scenes were done so well visually and in writing, and to go back and fourth between the two contrasts of love and hate was perfect.

Flag and Harley getting together was no surprise. Over the past few issues, these two have showed genuine affection for one another, and a steamy encounter such as this was bound to happen. Call me sentimental, but I’m absolutely loving what’s happening between them. They know deep down it probably won’t work, but there is definitely something there. Just imagine when Waller finds out!

As for Zod, well, let’s be honest, trying to control him was a bad idea from the beginning, and this is one idea Waller should not have taken a chance on. Zod went psychotic after years of being imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. Whether or not that was the reason behind blasting his brain to bits or it was out of salvation, and not being controlled by Waller, is unsure. Either way, once the bomb gets removed, he releases the Kryptonian prisoners through the Black Vault, and they reign Hell upon the squad and Belle Reve Penitentiary. The fight pages with the squad and the Kryptonian ghosts were fantastic, adding some well timed humour between absolute chaos.

It was also great to see the great Amanda Waller humbled for a change, with Zod thanking her for getting him out of the Phantom Zone. Doubt she’ll have a contingency plan for this one.

The art in this issue was stellar. So much was happening on every page, but Daniel and Florea did a great job showcasing all the action, emotions and vibrant colours.

Review: Suicide Squad #18


No real negatives in this issue.

Review: Suicide Squad #18


Fantastic issue from start to finish. Speaking of which, look for an interesting ending to this issue that ties in with Action Comics #980.

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