Stephen Amell Wants A Movie With Robbie Amell As Arrow & Batman

by Brandon Richardson
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We all know Stephen Amell as Green Arrow on The CW. However, recently he had told fans during the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in London that Amell expressed interest in taking the Arrow tv show take on the big screen and how it would go.  While Amell has been open to understanding that the DC Movie Universe and television shows should probably be kept separate. But still the thought of an Arrow movie would be actually pretty cool!

During his explanation and setting during the festival, co-star Emily Bett Rickards interrupted by adding in “And Batman,” which caused fans there to lose their cool and cheer frantically. To which Stephen Amell added to her additional comment by saying that it would be played by Robbie Amell. As much fun as it could be to have Arrow and Batman do a movie and see the two dynamic heroes fight together or against one another it is not that likely. Besides it isn’t like we would have to worry about Robbie Amell having to wear two different outfits for this fun daydream of Stephen’s imagination. Alas, we can all dream.

In case you didn’t know Arrow recently finished its 5th season that left a huge cliffhanger to which if you haven’t seen it then. Stop and go watch it because man are things going to get super SUPER bad for many different characters. But no way to tell till this fall when season 6 comes out on The CW. Click below to watch the full Q & A or if you want just skip ahead to 12:51 to hear more specifically about the Arrow & Batman idea that Stephen Amell has.

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