Review: Harley Quinn and Batman – Chapter 1

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Ty Templeton

Artist: Rick Burchett, Keiren Smith



In this digital first, half size issue, 10 pages long, which is a prequel to the upcoming DCUA Original Film, Batman and Harley Quinn, the Dark Knight and Nightwing ambush Joker and Harley in their hide out. As soon as the dynamic duo is spotted the Joker flips on the lights and gets ready for war. He could have been in no better place, for the warehouse is set up like a gun range for every weapon imaginable. The targets used for practice you ask? Hundreds of Batman pictures!

After a tumble and scuffle that leaves the Joker caked in ash and soot, he rushes to the roof for a quick balloon escape. But Harley has loosened it to the end of it’s line and left a note for the dynamic due to tip them off? Why you ask? Joker only pays attention to Batman, never his darling sidekick Harley!



Harley Quinn and Batman chapter 1 is a fun and comedic adventure in the style of the Timmverse. It is filled with slapstick humor, ridiculous cartoonish panels, and of course a heaping helping of Harley Charm. The illustrations look fantastic and recreate the classic look and feel of the old 1992 television show.



While the artists do a fantastic job at recreating the look of the show, there is a panel on the second to last page showing Ivy looking downward, with the viewer looking up at her. The positioning of her eyes looks weird and off putting as it doesn’t match with the other depictions of her from the panel before hand.



This mini issue is a lot of fun and has some great one liners filling it’s pages. It will be very exciting how this series explores the subject of Harley splitting from the Joker.


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