The Flash speeds into Walmart to help consumers in new Justice League Promo!

by Damian Fasciani
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Now that Summer is over and Comic-Con has passed, the advertising will ramp up for big hits of 2017 and in this case you can expect the Justice League to blast onto your TV sets and mobile devices. The ‘fastest man alive’ speeds into the retail giant (Walmart) helping consumers with their purchases and in the near future you can expect to see the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg. Who knows, we may see the Man of Steel but don’t bet on it because he hasn’t been as present in the overall marketing campaign for the film.

Now, don’t get too excited because the actor who is in the Flash costume is not Ezra Miller and you get the sense of that because we don’t see his face. The exciting part of all this is that you can expect to see more merchandise for the Justice League film hit shelves so take your wallet out. The advert is a lot of fun backed by decent CGI and a great 80s classic song! Enjoy

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