Review: Bane: Conquest #6

by Joshua Raynor
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Chuck Dixon

Artist: Graham Nolan

Colors: Gregory Wright



THE SERPENT: PART ONE!  Why did it have to be snakes? If you’re setting out to build a global criminal empire, you’re bound to cross paths with Kobra eventually!

In the first part of this new story arc, Bane and his crew finally encounter Kobra, an ancient organization controlling criminal activity all over the world.  But is this group more than Bane can handle?  I guess only time will tell.


This was a great issue.  We are finally diving into the heart of the story — who is running everything?  And the answer to that is KOBRA!!!  We get our first glimpse of this organization right from Nolan’s beautiful artwork on the cover (as seen above).  It’s spectacular, a piece I would absolutely frame and hang on my wall.

As I’ve always said, Bane is a great leader.  His lackey’s truly respect him, and that respect is returned.  He treats them like equals, and it’s that dynamic that really pulls me into their scenes.  If I had to serve one Batman villain, it would definitely be Bane, because he actually respects them.  And Dixon’s writing blows me away with every scene they’re in.

This issue was a lot of setup, with the only big action piece happening right at the end, but Dixon’s writing and Nolan’s artwork are so good that it doesn’t drag on or feel boring.  It’s interesting all the way through.


Initally, my negative was going to be about the lack of action, but as I thought about it, it really wasn’t a negative, as it was done so well.

The only other thing isn’t really a negative, but more of a shocking moment for me.  There are plenty of times you see people die in comics, but at the beginning of this book you see a woman dropped from a aircraft to plummet to her death.  This took me aback, as I truly wasn’t expecting it.


This was a great issue and I can’t wait so see what happens next.  I’ve been loving this series and I would highly recommend picking it up.


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