Review: Deathstroke #24

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Priest

Pencils: Diogenes Neves



The Defiance team is currently having a little down time, courtesy of Wintergreen, Deathstroke’s closest friend. Kid Flash, who’s a member of the team is going over a recent mission with them when suddenly Slade reveals to them all that Kid Flash has been recording their conversations amongst themselves! How does this change the relationship between team Defiance and Kid Flash?


Priest gave us a pretty funny story here. It starts out on a serious tone with Kid Flash taking on a sniper on a rooftop. After the encounter, which is revealed as a training exercise, Kid Flash’s spying is revealed by Slade, who plays everything for the entire team to hear! Apparently he has a serious crush on Tanya, he doesn’t trust Slade’s son Joe leading the team, and he observes Rose and Terra in the middle of a heated argument! The entire team’s story is told from Kid Flash’s perspective here and everyone, including Slade, isn’t an exception.



The action in this story is minor a best, but this is nothing more than Priest showing us more about what makes the team work together. Kid Flash shows us how dysfunctional the entire team is–and the only reason they are really around is the distrust of Deathstroke’s promise that he’s reformed. Everyone on the team is determined to keep their eye on him at some point, but it’s Kid Flash that makes the realization that Slade actually has changed.


I enjoyed Deathstroke #24 and I’m definitely looking forward to the next issue, because it seems that the Secret Society has come to pay Slade a visit! He declined their invitation to rejoin a few issues back–and apparently that’s something that you don’t do. Black Manta, Killer Frost, Vandal Savage, Reverse Flash and more. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Deathstroke deals with his former team of villains!


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