[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: James Bonny

Artist: Tyler Kirkham

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil



“BREAKING POINT” Part 2! Deathstroke has come to Metropolis… and he’s got his sights set on Superman. Slade Wilson gives the Man of Steel an impossible choice: maintain his ideals and let the love of his life die, or save Lois Lane and become a killer himself. Will Deathstoke push Superman to his breaking point?



Deathstroke seems to be targeting Lois and Superman continues to keep a close watch on Lois, while they wait for Deathstroke’s next attempt to complete the contract on Lois’ life.

It’s a subtle indication, but you can tell that Lois is affected by the threat Deathstroke poses, as she doesn’t chide Clark for being overprotective. She does mention tell him that she is capable of taking care of herself, but doesn’t complain that he is keeping a constant eye on her.

However, after a number of unsuccessful attempts on Lois’ life, it turns out that killing Lois isn’t Deathstroke’s true objective. He is testing the limits of Superman’s resolve against killing. Somehow Deathstroke has zeroed in on the one thing that potentially might drive Superman to murder. We have seen in Injustice that Lois’ death might drive Clark to murder.

However, this story is more like Kingdom Come, where Lois’ death fails to send him on a rampage. Deathstroke demonstrates that Superman won’t kill, not even to save Lois.

And when it is revealed who paid Deathstroke to find this out, this person states she wants to have some leverage in case she ever needs Superman’s help in the future. But could it be that she already has a plan involving Superman in mind?

Also, Deathstroke has discovered that Superman loves Lois. Could this lead him to discover that Superman is Clark Kent, or would he conclude that Superman is a rival for Lois’ affections that lost out to Clark?

The art for this issue is clear, clean, properly conveys the action of the story – and looks great to boot.



Well, Jon was in the book this issue, but only just barely. But I expect he will come to the forefront again soon. And it makes a refreshing change of pace for Lois to come to the forefront of the story instead of taking a backseat to the two actual superheroes in the book.

Also, when we find out the mastermind behind Deathstroke’s appearance, raises some questions. This person has access to a number of supervillains that she wouldn’t have to pay to do the job, so using Deathstroke seems somewhat of a gimmick. But otherwise, the story seems to hold up logically, so I can overlook this.



This may be a filler story, but it is still a solid effort and the title seems in good hands while Tomasi and Gleason take a short break from the series. Nevertheless, I will be happy to see their return next issue.




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