Palmiotti and Conner Exit Harley Quinn

by Cameron Tevis
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The dynamic duo of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti have been working on Harley Quinn for quite some time together, but they’ve recently announced that is about to change. December’s issue, Harley Quinn #34 will be the team’s final issue together.

Harley Quinn - DC Comics News

Palmiotti had this to say:

“We just felt like maybe it’s a good time to take a break, take a step back, go on a honeymoon, maybe spend some of the money we made on each other and get to know each other”

He continued to say:

“We love this character, but we felt like, a lot of times you work on books and the sales drop and the character isn’t popular anymore. With Harley Quinn we figured, well, let’s take a nice break while the character is essentially as hot as ever.”

Also departing the book on issue #34 is artist John Timms.

Harley Quinn 2 - DC Comics News

The new team will take over on issue #35. Frank Tieri will take over writing chores while Inaki Miranda takes over as artist. However Conner will continue to do covers for the series.

Palmiotti hinted at a future return to Harley stating, “it’s just a nice vacation.”


Harley Quinn #34 is due out December 20, 2017.

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