Wonder Woman Reaches 700 Issues

by Shean Mohammed
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In the recently released preview of Wonder Woman #34, DC decided to commemorate the character’s journey thus far by celebrating this issue as Diana’s 700th adventure, disregarding the various reboots all the company’s main lines have undergone through canon changes and issue renumbering. To make this issue even more special, they’ve enlisted Terry and Rachel Dodson, to design a variant cover worthy of the Princess of Themiscyra. As of right now, Batman #35 and The Flash #39, will also receive similar covers.

The 700th issue falls in line with what is referred to as “legacy numbering, which takes us back to the book’s numbering before The New 52 reboot.  Both Action Comics and Detective Comics reverted back to this numbering system during the rebirth launch as they are both close to hitting issue #1000.

Wonder Woman #34 hits shelves on November 8th.


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