Brian Michael Bendis Now Exclusive at DC Comics!

Bendis - DC Comics News

Out of nowhere, Tuesday morning saw a shocking announcement that has shaken the comics industry and its fandom to their cores. DC Comics tweeted out that Brian Michael Bendis would be joining DC Comics in an exclusive, multi-year deal with the following image:

Bendis - DC Comics News

Geoff Johns quickly re-tweeted this monumental announcement and said:

Very excited to have my friend @BRIANMBENDIS over at @DCComics — Cannot wait to finally do something together, pal!

For anyone that doesn’t understand how big a deal this is, this is as close as Geoff Johns saying he is moving to Marvel as you can get. Brian Michael Bendis has done some of Marvel’s top stories in the last 18 years. He has worked on many titles such as The Invincible Iron Man, All New X-Men, and New Avengers. He had a very unique run on Moon Knight, which saw the titular character teaming up with other characters of the Marvel Universe, but they were all figments of his imagination. His run on Daredevil is as influential to the character as Frank Miller. He rebooted Marvel’s greatest superhero, Spiderman in Ultimate Spiderman, which eventually led to him creating Miles Morales, Spiderman as well.

So, to say his move to DC Comics is a big deal is an understatement. But it also has many asking why? There are rumors of a bad working environment at Marvel Comics so does that have anything to do with why he left? Or did DC Comics pursue him perhaps to prepare for the the possible loss of Geoff Johns to a more permanent role in the WB film division? Or is it simply because he needed a change and DC has been where all the great talent goes these days? Who knows? But it will be exciting to see what he does in the DC Universe.

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