Review: Ragman #2

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Ray Fawkes

Artist: Inaki Miranda


When a pair of demons attack Rory’s father in order to get to the Suit of Souls, Rory jumps into battle head-on. But with little practice using the suit, Rory gets tangled in a web of nightmares. As Rory is forced to face his own inner demons he must fight his way out, both physically and mentally, in order to save his father.


Fawkes continues to do a masterful job of capturing the guilt that rues every military service member who has lost someone while serving. Fawkes and Miranda illustrate the chaos of inner demons a way few creators do, giving new insight into PTSD, but with a supernatural twist. They also capture those first inklings of when a superhero first gets their powers, as they show how little he knows about his suit and all its capabilities. They also show the dual voices, much like Dr. Fate, as Rory must contend with Ragman.


Really, the only negative I found was that the inner demon fight at times became a little hazy.



Worth the buy, as Fawkes and Miranda are at the top of their game, and Ragman is a hero we all need to know.


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