Henry Cavill is Still Contracted to Appear in One More Superman Movie

by Ari Bard
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Henry Cavill confirmed in an interview with the LA Times that he has another movie left in his contract as Superman.  Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot were signed to appear in three movie, but Cavill was signed to four.

He is very excited to continue the story saying,

“I’ve always enjoyed the traditional, very classic view on Superman in the comic books.  I think there’s an enormous complexity to that character. I know when I was working with Joss he and I saw eye-to-eye on some of the aspects of Superman. That paragon of hope. That ideal. That wonderful feeling of, ‘Oh, good, Superman’s here!’ I have also developed a very personal and protective relationship over this character, and it was just lovely to have the opportunity to smile and feel good.”

He hopes that he can continue to show Superman’s complexity while still making him that beacon of hope that many have come to love.  Cavill and Justice League directors Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon certainly agreed on many aspects of the character while working together on the film.  Justice League may have disappointed at the box office over the weekend, but that shouldn’t make fans any less excited about the future of the character.

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