Is Killer Frost coming to Legends of Tomorrow?

by Shean Mohammed
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This year’s DC/CW crossover, “Crisis on Earth X”, was a nice treat for fans of all the shows, as it gave viewers a taste of what comic book fans have enjoyed for years, the many interactions between all their favorite characters.

The past few episodes of Legends of Tomorrow have given fans a few heartbreaks with the death and departure of both halves of Firestorm, but also a spark of excitement with the arrival of John Constantine, both events happening on the midseason finale to the melancholy and excitement of viewers.

Well, there is another bit of news that has popped up over the recent news bubbles, and that is that Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) might be joining the Legends, as a picture of Panabaker and White Canary( Caity Lotz) recently popped up on Lotz’s Instagram account:

At this point, it is purely speculation as there are a number of scenarios that could explain why Killer Frost is on the Waverider, including that it may be a picture from the crossover event. Or there may be another crossover, but this time between Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, as the characters Lotz and Panabaker play both have a history with Amunet Black ( Katee Sackoff).

The Flash returns on January 16th, while DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns on February 12th.





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