Review: Injustice 2 #16

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artists: Mike Miller & Tom Derenick

Colors: J. Nanjan & Rex Lokus



Wonder Woman is broken out of jail by Kara, Antiope and her faction of Amazons.  Antiope is able to handle herself against Nubia and displays some unknown powers in the process.  After eluding the rest of the Amazons and Nubia, they all get aboard a ship that Kara pulls out to see to make their final escape.

Also, included is a back up story that spotlights what Barry Allen is doing these days.  He’s essentially under surveillance by Batman with a tracking anklet that alerts Batman if he uses his speed powers.  Barry is in Australia to help a young man he feels he failed during Superman’s reign.  First Barry has to use his powers to save a truck driver, which alarms Batman.  Barry ends up helping the boy as we see Flash is still a hero, even if a bit damaged.


In this variation on the DC Universe, Superman and Wonder Woman led a group of “heroes” as Fascist tyrants.  It’s strange then to be pulling for Wonder Woman in this issue.  It’s a microcosm of the greatest successes of the series.  It’s not often we see the greatest heroes of the DC Universe on the wrong side of right, but Injustice 2 manages to do it in a way that is deeper than a simple flip flop of morality.

This issue builds on the portrait of Diana we saw last issue and uses that understanding of her character to make the reader cheer for her escape this issue.  It’s a tricky line to straddle, but that’s what makes this title a whole lot more than it could’ve been.  By relying on a deeper understanding of the characters we can at the very least imagine how they could find themselves on the wrong side of right.


This issue doesn’t push the overall story much further.  While it was necessary to get Diana off the island for what comes next, this issue is fairly short in terms of the big picture.


A solid chapter for the title, despite little plot movement.  The real win is the way in which the reader is drawn into Wonder Woman’s character while knowing she’s really one of Batman’s enemies.  There’s clearly a lot more to come and it is an interesting ride to watch the morality of one’s favorite characters be depicted in such a manner.  Creating a story that is not simply black and white allows for a deeper exploration of these characters.  The Flash back up story is able to address the same ideas on a smaller and more personal scale.


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