With “Rebirth” repercussions still being felt throughout the DC Comics Universe, the “Doomsday Clock” appears to be ticking closer to the return of a Golden Age and the Justice Society of America!

So 2011’s “The New 52” reboot didn’t exactly go the way that DC Comics may have intended! In the aftermath of the “FlashPoint” event a new multiverse was institutionalized and the familiar heroes of Earth-Prime (or Earth-0, if you prefer) all went through a rejuvenation process the off-loaded nearly 75-years of excess baggage and continuity! No doubt, the pantheon of heroes had never looked better, trading in some of their classic looks for more streamlined and functional kevlar, though fans ultimately raised a stink!

Say hello to the Golden Age! Is DC Comics preparing to reintroduce the Justice Society of America into continuity?

Unhappy that many of their favorite heroes had lost major components of their backstory, and in some cases even lost significantly important figures in their lives, it lead to the powers that be “retconning” a lot of contemporary continuity and introducing a “Rebirth”. Initiated by the dramatic return of one Wally West aka the one-time Kid Flash who graduated into the role of the Modern Age’s Scarlet Speedster The Flash. When Barry Allen (the Silver Age hero returned from certain death after the first Crisis) realized that Wally was missing, he saved West from an oblivious fate.

Since then it was discovered that there must have been a seismic event, one that caused a significant amount of history — nearly a decade — to go missing, and an entire Golden Age of Heroes to be unaccounted for in the mainstream continuity! The return of some of those classic characters has been teased intermittently, from the recent (re)introduction of Jay Garrick the original Golden Age Flash in “The Button” story arc, and the inclusion of several major players including the mystic Dr. Fate and Kendra Saunders aka Hawkgirl in the “Dark Nights: Metal” arc.

The Clock Is Ticking…

In what is certainly the publishing giant’s riskiest stunt yet, Geoff Johns and longtime collaborator Gary Frank are revisiting the world of the legendary Watchmen graphic novel series, immortalized by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons and in the pages of Doomsday Clock revealing that the heroes and villains of that arc may have exerted an influence upon the mainstream DC Comics mythology that has had an adverse affect on the lives of Superman and Batman — though that’s only the beginning!

In the pages of the recently published Issue #2 of Doomsday Clock the revelation that the omnipotent Dr. Manhattan may have exited stage right, and is currently hiding among us mere mortals on Earth-Prime was introduced. Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias has convinced Rorschach (though not the original) to assist him following trace energies across the multiverse that lead to the whereabouts of Manhattan. How their introduction into the DC Comics Universe is only just under way, but already their arrival may have triggered events that have reconstituted history.

Fans will no doubt become intrigued by the internet web search results at back of each issue that have replaced the traditional printed pages, newspaper clippings and columns that appeared in conclusion of each issue of the original Watchmen series. Carefully analyzing these otherwise unassuming articles will reveal nuggets of information that lead to interesting facts suggesting the origins of several “missing” Golden Age heroes, anecdotes proving that these heroes may not be lost after all!

Follow the Clues

One particular article surrounding the public’s anxiety and paranoia surrounding “the Supermen Theory” glosses over an unexplained “green” fire that destroys the All-American Steel factory. Though those things on their own may not trigger any immediate familiarity, “green” fire is something that was often associated with the Golden Age Green Lantern / Alan Scott who also was first introduced in the pages of All-American Comics. Does this perhaps suggest the origin of the original Green Lantern has occurred in some place in time?

Another clue though this one as much more strategically hidden, gives hope that Rex Tyler the legendary Hourman may have prowled the underworld for evildoers. In an ad for a drug called Travodart, perhaps a type of male-enhancement supplement, the company name is Bannermain Chemical Co. which is also the fictitious name of the company that creates Miraclo, the chemical that gives Tyler his exceptional powers of increased speed, strength and stamina that last for at least — an hour!

Though these may just be complete coincidences, fans are hopeful that Johns is on the verge of returning the Justice Society of America back into mainstream continuity, especially after relegating a youth-based iteration of the team that existed in the pages of the Earth-2 comic series. That book’s reach the end of its storyline, leaving the playing field for the reintroduction of classic favorites including Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, and Rex Tyler back to their former glory as the inspiration for many of the modern era’s greatest heroes.

Doomsday Clock #2 is on newsstands now!

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