iTunes Announces Justice League Will Be Available For Viewing On January 23

by Joseph Marcas
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After a relatively short run in most major movie theaters, Justice League will be released on iTunes sooner than most other superhero movies.

Originally, iTunes posted a release date of January 30th for Justice League but it was then quickly changed to January 23rd shortly after. The offering on the service pertains to the digital only version with no rental option available as of this writing. You can see the post below (courtesy of Batman-News):

As most of you know by now, Justice League, though it earned a respectable amount at the box office both domestically and worldwide, did not do so well with critics and the general public for the most part who labeled the movie unfavorably. The movie has been so critically maligned that some fans have even taken to petitioning for a director’s cut of the film.

As of January 5th, Justice League has earned $226,635.639.00 domestically with a grand total of $652,435,639.00 worldwide. This pales in comparison to another major competitors movie franchise in the form of Marvel’s The Avengers, which made $623,357,910.00 domestically and $1,518,812,988.00 worldwide.

One could speculate as to why Justice League is being released so soon after its theatrical release but the most probable reason for such a move would be to simply generate more revenue for the movie as soon as possible to mitigate the sub par performance of the movie.

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