Grace Fulton cast as Mary Marvel

by Shean Mohammed
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As Shazam began production recently, most of the cast has been announced, and just the other day we got the official synopsis, which also included a cast list. Actress Grace Fulton was first announced that she had been cast in the movie months ago, and so the rumblings began:

“Guys… guys… I’m gonna be in Shazam,” Fulton wrote in the post’s caption. “I know! It’s crazy! What? Ah! HOLY MOLEY!! If you couldn’t tell, I’m super EXCITED! Thank you, Peter Safran and New Line for letting me join the Shazam club, I promise to keep its secrets! @ponysmasher and @maxime.alexandre, see you guys soon!! 😊.”

But in the synopsis and cast list, it was revealed that Fulton would be playing Billy’s foster sister, Mary.  In current continuity following DC’s 2011 New 52 reboot, Mary Bromfield appears as one of Billy Batson’s foster siblings, and can share Billy’s power at his whim to become an adult superhero.

As far as whether or not we will see her displaying any powers or even suit up in this film is still a mystery, but hopefully the creative team will at least plant the seeds of what this character could become.


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