Lee Weeks joins Tom King once again on Batman

by Shean Mohammed
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The talent that has graced the pages of the Batman comics has become a rite of passage, to prove to the world that you belong with the best. One of the best talents to touch these books is Tom King and his sometimes artist, Lee Weeks, who last teamed with King on Batman Annual #2 and Batman/Elmer Fudd Special. King recently tweeted of Weeks’ upcoming arc on the main Batman title for Mr. Freeze:

“The incredible [Lee Weeks] is coming on to the main Batman title,” King tweeted. “Which is cool for us, but less cool for Mr. Freeze.”

Weeks also confirmed this on his Instagram, this week, as he has making posts with some of the upcoming art:





Their last two collaborations have been pure joy for Batman fans, and their upcoming work on the Mister Freeze arc will more than likely set a new standard for alliances.

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