[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Layouts: Bruno Redondo

Finishes: Juan Albarran

Colors: Rex Lokus



As Amazo battles Zod, Batman hurries to save a dying ally. But in order to save one friend, will he have to kill another? Both alternatives could lead to the resurrection of a forgotten hero from the past.


Seeing Dr. Mid-Nite and hearing Batman’s comments on the Justice Society of America is a lot of fun and it brings back the unique relationship between the JSA and DC’s contemporary heroes.  For a long time fan of the JSA, it is one of the high points of this series so far.  Batman’s technique of reviving Ted Grant is an exciting moment, as it is surprising and unexpected.

Lastly, Conner Kent’s life-saving surgery is perhaps the emotional pinnacle of the series.  There’s been a lot of tragedy so far in Injustice 2 and not a lot of hope. Perhaps Conner’s survival signals a turning point for the outlook of the series.


The quick story shift from battle to life-saving keeps this issue fresh throughout, making it hard to find a negative as even a cliched fight sequence is avoided.



With some surprises in plot and another major guest appearance, Injustice 2 #20 is another winner.  This series continues to provide a lot of emotion and character moments that keep the reader interested.  It’s more than a video game tie in or a simple alternate Earth tale, it’s a series that is remarkable on its own terms for the quality of the story telling.


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