Review: Krypton 1×03 – “The Rankless Initiative”

by Cameron Tevis
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Directed by: Steve Shill

Written by: Nadria Tucker

Starring: Cameron Cuffe, Rasmus Hardiker, Ann Ogbomo, Georgina Campbell, Shaun Sipos, Blake Ritson



Adam Strange and Seg-El take Brainiac’s probe to the Fortress of Solitude to have Val-El analyze it. Unfortunately, they discover they only found the empty shell of the probe, the probe itself has already been released. Worst of all, the probe is a parasitic device that seeks out a host nd assumes control of that host.

Meanwhile, the Sagitari are planning an attack on sector 19 to find Black Zero as part of the Rankless Initiative. Lyta-Zod now leads her team and orders them to treat the Rankless as the innocents they are. Things don’t go completely according to Lyta’s plan and an innocent is killed. Lyta proves to the people that justice lives as she arrests one of her own.

Brainiac’s probe assumes control of Seg’s friend Rhom and makes her assault to Sagitari.  She then heads to a computer system to download information to determine whether or not Krypton is a planet worth collecting. Seg reaches her to confront her and try to stop Brainiac from getting the information.

 The Rankless Initiative - DC Comics News


This show has a great balance between the primary or A story and the B story. The A story gives us what any A story should, the progress of the main character and how it can effect the entire series. But the B story in this series can be fascinating because that’s where we get to learn more about the culture, government and beliefs of Krypton.  Lyta leading the Sagitari gives us a glimpse of their policing while the Daron-Vex storyline gives us not only a glimpse of their politics, but some of their religion as well.

Krypton ep 3 - DC Comics News


The only negative I have is the Brainiac probe. Val-El says what they found was only the shell and that the probe has been unleashed. But then the probe is what unleashes the parasite. So that means that the probe itself is also another shell. That’s a bit redundant. It can easily be explained away, but it wasn’t.

Krypton Rhom - DC Comics News


This show is shaping up to be a great series and it takes on much complex topics than your typical comic book series.  It tackles things like totalitarianism, fascism and religion. I look forward to seeing how this arc plays out as well as how the overall story connects to the modern-day DC Universe.


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