Creator Sean Gordon Murphy Tweets The Possible Future For Batman: White Knight Series

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Batman: White Knight creator Sean Gordon Murphy turns to Twitter to tease his followers and DC fans about the future of the “Murphyverse”. The creator has hinted in the past that there are talks about his future with DC as well as the very popular White Knight series of comics.

After multiple printings of its early issues, Batman: White Knight can safely be called a hit for DC Comics. Even better than that though is the fact that the comic is also heralded as a critical success by fan and critic alike due in large part to its refreshing and completely ‘out of left field’ approach to Batman, Joker, and other classic characters from the Dark Knight universe of comics.

On his Twitter account, series creator Murphy posted artwork from his next Batman-related project and labeled it ‘secret Batman project’. Take a look here:

The image of Batman from the White Knight series is telling considering that we are just days away from the final issue hitting shelves soon. It’s possible that the image relates to something that is indeed, coming soon.

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One possible theory for that artwork courtesy of is that the art work might just be related to a series of statues that might be in production. It is also possible that it could be related to promotional materials for a future animated movie (something that the DC faithful are already clamoring for). Sometimes the most obvious conclusion is often the most true: this could just be artwork for the next volume of White Knight comics.

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If you’re not familiar with the White Knight series (and you really should be), it revolves around a very 180 degree turn of character for both Batman and Joker in which the infamous clown prince of crime is reformed and perceives the Dark Knight as the true threat to the future of Gotham City. The reformed Joker comes courtesy of some mysterious psychotropic drugs that have turned him into normal citizen Jack Napier, fresh on the hunt to get rid of the Caped Crusader from the streets of Gotham.

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Murphy isn’t one to shy away from revealing possible spoilers. He has already spoiled some scenes from the last issue that deal with a wedding ceremony (click here for that story) and is already revealing possible plot spoilers with the variant cover of the final issue (click here for that one).

Although the spoilers might be upsetting to the higher ups at DC, the DC Faithfull love all these sneak peeks!

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