Kersey Clemons Comments On Iris West Role

by Jay
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Justice League not only debuted Ezra Miller’s Flash but was supposed to debut the love of Barry Allen’s wife, Iris West. However, all scenes featuring actress Kersey Clemons in the role of the intrepid Central City reporter were left on the cutting room floor. Further, they didn’t even make it onto the deleted scenes portion of the Blu-Ray release.

However, don’t count Kersey out just yet.

On a recent appearance on Conan, Clemons responded to the question put to her by host Conan O’Brien as to whether or not she was still involved in the DCEU as Iris. “Imagine if I said ‘No?’” Kersey joked. “Imagine if I was like ‘I’m cut from the whole thing?’ We talked about it through before, so that’s not going to happen. I am going to be in The Flash. Yeah, I’m Iris West.”

Initially, the plot of Miller’s first solo as The Scarlet Speedster was going to be based on Flashpoint, the miniseries written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Andy Kubert that played a role in resetting the DC Universe and ushering in the New 52. However, those plans have been scrapped and the plot, at this point, remains unknown save for now it’s been confirmed that both leads are secured.

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