Ava DuVernay Gives Update On ‘NEW GODS’ Film

Perhaps the most ambitious project on the DCEU slate, The New Gods film, continues its path to the silver screen. Director Ava DuVernay took to Twitter to answer fans most pressing questions including the current state of the film tweeting “in early development and feeling good.”

Eager fans of the DCEU will rejoice as so many films seem to have hit development limbo or been a product of fake rumors. DuVernay went on to reveal she was the one to pitch the idea to Warner Bros.

A similar film was rumored for Zack Snyder before his untimely departure from the studio. While we know little of the film, the DCEU has done a good job of setting up a great jumping off point. Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman focused on the legends of the Old Gods and the death of the final one, Ares. Justice League again mentioned the Old Gods and teased Steppenwolf’s heritage as well as Darkseid. Even Batman v. Superman had a New Gods Omega symbol inserted, a storyline that can still be explored in this new film as fans got little to no resolution on the famed “Knightmare” sequence. Rumors persist that Darkseid was cast and made a small appearance in what fans call “The Snyder Cut’ of Justice League, story points from that original film may make it into DeVernays new version. While we may never know the original plans for the charters, it is exciting to have such an ambitious project shortly.

What characters would you like to see in the film? Could Steppenwolf return? What arc should be adapted?