Rumor Mill: 2 Titular Characters Added To The ‘Birds of Prey’ Film

Warner Bros. upcoming film, Birds of Prey, is rumored to have added 2 more characters to its roster. Both The Huntress and Black Canary are said to be making their cinematic debut in the film.

According to Omega, who have had the pair rumored for a while, the only confirmed star so far is Margot Robbie reprising her role of Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. On May 24, Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap debunked an ongoing rumor French actress Léa Seydoux was being eyed for the role of Black Canary. Birds of Prey comics fan will recognize the line up as perhaps the most popular of the original run.

Huntress and Black Canary

Introduced by Gail Simone to the group, The Huntress was re-imagined as a product of organized crime instead of the earlier iteration that introduced her as the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle on Earth 2. The Black Canary created in 1947 and debuted in Flash Comics #86 has been a stable member of the team since its inception. Having the duo join the film universe is not only exciting but exactly what the film needs.

With Joss Whedon ending his pitch to a solo Batgirl film, the team-up film is perfectly positioned to not only introduce the three heroines but borrow from some of the best DC Comics arcs concerning an all-female cast. Plot details have not surfaced; however, all four members have appeared before in live-action together. Other than the live-action personas that have appeared on the Arrowverse, the whole team debuted in the short-lived Birds of Prey CW series of 2002 where Harley Quinn served as the series antagonist.

If the rumors are true, not only will the cast create a new dynamic for the superhero team-up films, it allows the story to center around four different women with incredibly distinct backgrounds and allows them to come together as a skillful and resourceful team.

Both of these characters are welcomed additions to the DCEU and open the door to have them appear in not only a future Justice League film, but they would feel right at home in the developing Batman solo film.

Who would be your dream casting for the film? Who would you like to see as the main villain? Will Harley Quinn stay on the team or betray them?