Review: Cyborg #23

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Pencils: Tom Derenick



As Cyborg continues to search for answers from the mysterious group known as Starlite, an enemy still unknown to him makes his move at last! Ambushing Cyborg while the hero searches for answers, Cyborg finds himself literally fighting for his very life! Can Cyborg survive against a foe that doesn’t just want to beat him–but wants to become him?


Wolfman doesn’t skip out on the action or suspense in this particular issue. Picking up immediately where we left off in our last issue Cyborg finds himself in the middle of the fight between STAR Labs and Starlite Labs. Victor soon finds out that the employees of Starlite used to work for STAR Labs, until conflicts of interest caused them to form their own separate research group. Here we see Cyborg having to walk a thin line of trust between the two now rival research teams. Cyborg is pretty unsure to trust in this issue, and once we find out that Silas Stone, Victor’s father has been lying to him, that just adds even more to the distrust.


Once again Victor and Silas are not on talking terms. For some reason it seems that this father and son relationship turns so quickly it’s quite sad. On one hand Silas Stone is responsible for everything that Victor has become as Cyborg. Every circuit, every spec, every processing chip I’m sure has Silas signature on it somewhere. However when it comes to their personal relationship it’s as if Silas hardly acknowledges Victor at all–especially in this issue. I must admit that even I was irritated by Silas’ treatment of Victor and that’s great when good writing can stir up emotion like that in a book.


Overall I thought that Cyborg #23 was a good read. Cyborg finally has the villain revealed to him at the end as Nijiro. Having certain parts replaced over the years starting with his arm as a child, Nijiro finds himself 52 years later dying and needs a permanent power source for his mainly machine body. Finding out that Cyborg is powered by nearly unlimited Mother Box technology Nijiro attacks our hero without mercy towards the end of the issue! Wolfman leaves us on a great cliffhanger in which I’m looking forward to finishing in the next issue!


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