Review: Harley Quinn #43

by Philip Clark
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Christopher Sebela

Artist: Mirka Andolfo



“One Of My Turns” Part One brings back the ‘classic’ Harley that we all know and love. Sebela does a fantastic job at bringing out the good and bad parts of Harley being crazy. Things aren’t going Harley’s way, so she puts her focus towards a break-in at her favourite restaurant. Following clues until she finds a lead that takes her on a crazy journey, even for her!


What I really enjoyed about this issue was that it felt very true to Harley’s character. It’s written in a way that brings forth the different personality styles that Harley has. Combining both the crazy and heroic personalities of the character into one incredible blend. It’s the perfect Harley Quinn smoothie.

With crazy twists and turns along the way, Sebela has done an incredible job with this issue. Writing it in a way that seems skittish and hard to follow, when it is actually quite easy to follow. Writing it that way gives the reader an indication of Harley’s thought process. This is exactly the fresh take on Harley that she needs right now. I was beginning to feel that she was stagnating a little. With this new story and direction, I am incredibly excited to see where Harley goes next on her journey.


Honestly, I have very little negative things to say about this comic. It’s everything I feel a Harley Quinn comic should be; fun, crazy and you have no clue as to what’s going to happen next.

Seriously, I have no negative things to say about this. More comics like this please!



I loved this issue of Harley Quinn and look forward to Sebela’s run on the comic. The story is fantastic. The artwork is beautiful and compliments the writing style perfectly. All round this is an excellent read, I would recommend you pick this up now. I can only imagine how good the next few are going to be!


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