[Editor’s Note; This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Robert Venditti

Pencillers: Rafa Sandoval & Sergio Davila

Inkers:  Jordi Tarragona

Colorist: Tomeu Morey



Mogo has been invaded by the Darkstars and an overwhelmed Green Lantern Corps fight to prevent them from killing all the prisoners in the Sciencells.  Meanwhile, Hal, Kyle, Guy and their recruits have taken the fight to the Darkstars’ homeworld.  John has a plan….

Zod, Orion, Arkillo, Guy and Kyle give Hal and Hector Hammond an opening to get inside the citadel.  Once inside, Hammond uses his god brain power to sever the psionic connection between the Controllers and the Darkstars.  Instantly, Tomar-Tu who’s been leading the fight against the Lanterns at Mogo calls for a retreat.  What he doesn’t know is that severing the connection was just the first part of John Stewart’s plan.

Tomar-Tu is leading the Darkstars into a classic ambush.   John has the rest of the GLC following and the Darkstars are trapped between the two groups of Green Lanterns.  This brings Hal and Tomar-Tu face to face.  Tomar is furious with Hal, and attempts to goad Hal into killing him so that Tomar will win in the end, forcing Hal to break his commitment against killing.  It takes one classic ring constructed boxing glove punch to put Tomar down!


Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps has consistently found a way to give the Four Corpsmen attention, while at the same time keeping Hal at the center of things.  Even Tomar-Tu comments this issue that it’s “always Hal Jordan!”  And he’s right.  Hal is always at the center of the GL Universe.  It’s this balance that’s so remarkable that makes this title such a delight.

There are some very impressive pages by the art team in this issue.  The aforementioned boxing glove punch is great, but it is topped by a double page spread of Hal and Tomar locked in conflict as Hal extols Tomar on the futility of “questioning the will of Hal Jordan!”  Chills.  Chills up my spine.  It should also be noted that the pacing of the issue led up to this moment perfectly.  Between words and visuals, the issue peaks at the right moment.


No way this creative team is going to muck it up in the last couple issues of the run….  Except that issue #50 is the end of the series, that is.



No only should you buy this book, you should comb the conventions and comic book stores for the previous 48 issues.  The remarkable thing about this series is that it is able to drawn in larger themes such as this current arc’s examination of capital punishment.  But, it also has upped the ante in each successive arc.  It didn’t seem possible way back when Hal “died” fighting Sinestro.  What could be bigger than that?  Next issue’s finale should take the proverbial cake!


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