Stan Lee Cameo…in a DC Film?!

by Jay
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There’s another catchphrase in the recently-released Teen Titans Go! To The Movies besides “Titans, GO!”

It’s “Excelsior!”

In an unprecedented – and unexpected – move, Marvel Comics’ maestro Stan “The Man” Lee stunned audiences at the film’s Friday night premiere at SDCC 2018. Lee, the creator of Marvel staples such as The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and more, normally makes surprise cameos in adaptations of his work in the Marvel Studios film franchises. Further, as of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2, it has been suggested that all of the characters Stan has appeared as in the MCU is a singular member of The Watchers, a race of omnipotent immortals that observe but never interfere. To see him appear in a DC film, especially an animated DC film, was an unexpected surprise. The only other animated cameo he is known for is the post-credit scene in Disney’s Big Hero 6.

“This is Stan Lee, “ he says in his first appearance in the film. “Dig my subtle cameo! This is a DC movie? I gotta get outta here!” However, the always-modest 93-year-old makes a second appearance in the film. This also makes it the first time in any cinematic release that Stan has made more than one appearance in a single film.

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is now in theaters.

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