[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artists: Brent Peeples, Matt Santorelli

Colors: Ivan Plascencia

Letters: Dave Sharpe



As the Titans continue to search for people who have been affected by the energy release from the Source Wall, the team discovers a man who’s energy seems to have created a whole new universe! What happens when the Titans fight monsters from a world that shouldn’t exist at all?


Dan Abnett makes sure that no Titan gets left behind in this issue. Right from the beginning of the book you can see how everyone’s role is now defined within the team. Nightwing does a great job serving as team leader, and has no problem making the decisions on the fly during combat. In this issue, the team encounters an elderly writer, who’s past books have seemingly come to life! Thanks to the Source Wall’s destruction, this man, known as Mr. Hinton, at first seems startled by this revelation. When Raven and Miss Martian transport Mr. Hinton to the universe known as Unearth, Mr. Hinton is shocked at the power and control he has there and wants to stay–however he can’t. Thanks to Miss Martian the energy in Mr. Hinton is removed, but I don’t think that means the end of Unearth. Miss Martian warns the team however that now Unearth is apart of the Multiverse–so we may just see them again at some point.


My only complaint about this issue is the rapid pace of it. This Titans issue was a good read and action packed, but felt short at the same time. Once Mr. Hinton is identified as the source for Unearth’s invasion to Earth, the Titans–especially Miss Martian and Raven, waste no time in dispatching Unearth’s forces. Abnett leaves us on a cliffhanger however with Raven being trapped in Unearth! I hope that next issue someone notices her missing from the team, as it seems Travesty–a being from Unearth with magical powers as well, may have taken her place.


Overall, I thought Titans #24 was a decent read. It’s action packed and Abnett’s cliffhanger at the end really makes you want to read the next issue. Nightwing and Miss Martian seem to have some trust issues amongst themselves and it looks that it won’t be resolved anytime soon. With Martian Manhunter the leader of the Justice League now, he assigns Miss Martian as a liaison between the Justice League and the Titans. Hopefully we can see Miss Martian build more trust within the team and maybe with the abduction of Raven they might not have a choice.


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