Review: Supergirl #21

by Danny Saab
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Marc Andreyko

Artists: Kevin Maguire, Sean Parsons, Fco Plascencia



Following the events of Man of Steel, Kara Zor-El begins to investigate those responsible for Krypton’s destruction.


Since being on hiatus for several months, I wasn’t sure kind of book we would be getting this month. Writer Marc Andreyko promised us a space age detective story, with Kara exploring the true nature of Krypton’s destruction. I’m pleased to say, he did not disappoint. Although this is the first book thus far in what should be a very intriguing series spanning the entire universe, Andreyko lays down the ground work for Kara’s reasoning behind her wanting to find answers, and the lengths she’s willing to get them.

This month’s issue of Supergirl continues where Bendis’s Man of Steel left off. The good news though, you didn’t have to read Man of Steel to really understand what is going on this issue. Going in, I knew something about the destruction of Krypton had changed, but didn’t know what exactly. Throughout this issue, you can easily piece together the story behind Rogol Zaar, or atleast enough to understand what’s happening in the story.

My absolute favorite part of this issue was the addition of Krypto, and his involvement in this series going forward. Not only because I’m a dog lover, but just by adding him adds a certain kindness and fun to Kara’s character, not that she isn’t kind and fun already mind you.

Speaking of Kara’s character, another fantastic element to this story was her interaction with Hal Jordon and her cousin Superman. It’s these types of interactions that exemplify her character, and showcase her intelligence, and devotion and love to her family.


The only real negative, and this is more a personal one, was the artwork. Art is usually tricky to review as everyone has their own personal tastes, and in this particular instance, I have to say it seemed very bland. There were a few decent panels, but for the most part, the faces seemed square like and emotionless. Krypto seemed to have the biggest smile on his face out of everyone in the book.


A great first issue after several months of being on hiatus, with Andreyko doing a great job laying down the foundation of what should be a very interesting series.


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