‘The Flash’ Season 5 Costume Revealed

by Jeff Testanero
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With the internet, leaks are inevitable.

After images of a brand new suit for Flash in season 5 leaked online, star Grant Gustin took to social media to give all of the show’s fans an official first look.  Every season, Flash’s suit has experienced modifications as the character grew into the hero that we know and love.  On the show, the adjustments come from his team who add and upgrade new gadgets to help Flash while he’s out fighting crime.

Season 5 is no different as the suit offers none of the leather looks that the previous suits were made of but is all spandex and closely resembles the outfit Flash wears in the comics.  The leaked photos, however, weren’t very flattering and the fans on social media had no problem letting the world know their displeasure. Here enters our hero.

After the online onslaught, Grant Gustin took directly to social media and began hitting back at the critics and trolls who had nothing but negative things to say.  Gustin took to his Instagram and showed off the suit in an ‘official’ photo on August 10th and was captioned:

“First OFFICIAL look at Barry’s new thread’s for season 5”


The post makes it clear that Gustin was not happy the photo leaked and was still stinging from all of the negative comments.  Speculation that the new suit, in the show, is not made by Cisco (Carlos Valdes) but from the Flash Ring that was given to Barry from his future daughter, Nora, at the end of season 4.

With the addition of the Flash Ring and new comic accurate suit, the diehard comic book fans are sure to be more than pleased, but you can’t please absolutely everybody…haters gonna hate.

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