Swamp Thing To Be Central Focus In ‘The Witching Hour’ Event

by Jeff Testanero
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The end of Swamp Thing is near.  After announcing his retirement in the latest issue of Justice League Dark, writer James Tynion IV opened the door to a lot of rumors about what will come of Swamp Thing, including rumors about the future of Poison Ivy.

All of the answers will come out during the upcoming crossover event from DC entitled, “The Witching Hour” which hits comic book stores in October.

“The Witching Hour” event begins in Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour #1 followed by a cross into Wonder Woman #56, Justice League Dark #4 and Wonder Woman #57 with its conclusion coming on October 31st in Justice League Dark and Wonder Woman: The Witching Hour #1.  DC promotional copy for Justice League Dark #4 includes a mention of the Green, indicating Hecate will attack the Parliament of Trees.

Recently, James Tynion IV commented on the upcoming event:

“There is definitely major changes to the stats quo of the Green coming up in the stories I’m telling.  In ‘The Witching Hour’, there’s a very, very important sequence to the mythology of Swamp Thing himself, that character, is going to be the primary drier of that story in Justice League Dark…It’s very exciting but also, I never want to be working on two events simultaneously again in my life, just for the workload but the reason I couldn’t say no to these books is because I got to do a huge five-part event crossing over Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark that really opens up the mystery of magic that we’ve been telling in the Dark storyline..I’m also a part of what we’re doing over in Justice League in ‘Drowned Earth’ which is a set up in Justice League #8, so it’s a very exciting fall.”

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