New Art Team Brings ‘Lucifer’ Back To DC Vertigo

by Jeff Testanero
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Max and Sebastian Fiumara have opened the gates of hell inside DC Vertigo comics once again and unleashed Lucifer in a new series which will incorporate multiple styles for the title that will be set in three different realms.

Lucifer, now set in Vertigo’s Sandman Universe, will roll-out new titles and pick up the character’s story as he has hit rock bottom and is now trapped inside a prison dimension, which resembles a small town from a horror movie.  The series will also follow different characters in other realms but will carry their own feelings by the Fiumara brothers.

The Argentinian brothers often work individually but have collaborated on projects in the past, including Abe Sapien from Dark Horse.  The brothers united for Lucifer, joining writer Dan Watters and colorist Dave McCaig on the project.

“We were introduced to the project by the new DC Vertigo team.  I’ve worked with Amedeo Torturro, one of the Lucifer editors, before, and we wanted to do something else together again.” Max Fiumara said about the project, “He talked to me and Sebastian about a couple of projects, and this one was just impossible to say no to since we both had spent our teenagers reading Vertigo books and dreaming about the chance to work on one of them.  Lucifer was that chance!”

Sebastian Fiumara added:

“Max and I gave a lot of thought to our style when approaching this book.  From the beginning, we were sure we wanted to try something different from what we’ve been doing before, and we didn’t want to limit ourselves with only one way of doing things.  We wanted to take advantage of the diversity of the book, really focusing on how to play with the storytelling elements that Lucifer presents.  For example, each issue tells three stories that are connected, each focusing on different worlds or realms,  There’s this village where Lucifer is lost; another more grounded, real world where we’ll follow this new character John Decker; and a third special sequence that is kind of little bits of a puzzle that will be revealed through the issues.  We wanted to embrace each of these parts in different ways and try to adjust our styles to that.  To highlight this third puzzle scene, we decided to flip arts.  So issue #1 Max takes care of the majority of the book while I do there two pages of the puzzle scene.  And in issue #2, it is the other way around.”

Lucifer by DC Vertigo Comics is out now in comic book stores everywhere.

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