Exclusive Interview with TITANS Minka Kelly

by JC Alvarez
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As one half of TITANS other dynamic duo, Minka Kelly reveals on DC Daily what it takes to bring the lighter side of the crime fighting team Hawk & Dove to life on the DC Universe Original Series.

DC Universe’s Titans may only be two episodes into its premiere season, but already its proving a hit with its audience and one its stars Minka Kelly sat down with DC Daily’s hosts Clarke Wolf and Samm Levine to reveal some of the set secrets behind the series’ two newest titans: Hawk & Dove. 

Kelly portrays Dawn Granger, the more reasonable, no-less formidable partner of Hank Hall (Alan Ritchson), who as the vigilante pair Hawk & Dove strike against mercenary arms dealers.

Sitting with Clarke Wolfe and Samm Levine, Kelly detailed the training involved in order to realize the dynamically unique fighting style of her character Dove, especially to work in tandem with her co-star Alan Ritchson. Kelly revealed how a lot of her own dance training influenced the decision to allow Dove to move more elegantly, though not any less ferociously than her counterpart. Kelly also noted how empowering and transformative t was to suit up as her alter ego.

You can watch the episode here:


In the episode Hawk and Dove Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) hopes to enlist their support with the trouble youth Rachel Roth (Teagan Croft), but it isn’t long before danger comes knocking on their door and everything goes nuclear! Kelly insists that aside from the darker and grittier tone that sets Titans apart from its contemporaries, what makes it really special is that Titans is about a “family” — not just a group of superheroes.

New episodes of Titans air every Friday exclusively on the DC Universe subscriber service. Full episodes of DC Daily featuring interviews of the cast of Titans and other DC favorites are also available to watch!

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