Gotham Season 5 Set Photos Reveal Prototype Batsuit

by Christian Ruiz
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DC’s iconic mainstay, The Dark Knight is coming to the small screen for Gotham’s last season which will see young Bruce Wayne dawn the iconic cape and cowl.

Just like anything else it takes time to create the best and so it seems early episodes of Gotham will feature a prototype batsuit Wayne has constructed to fight Gotham’s evil.

Set photos revealed a look at the battle armor, but now Gotham has released an HD image of what an early version of the suit may look like. Check it out below.


The armor is an airsoft vest plate easily found online, a decision production must have made to get a suit on the character as soon as possible for filming while the complete suit is being created for the finale of the show. While it will be great to see the cape and cowl on the small screen, Bat-fans are critical of all they see and hope the new look will do The Dark Knight justice.

Are you excited to see what the suit looks like? Are you ready for Gotham’s new season? let us know!

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