Review: Teen Titans Giant #4

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist: Scott Eaton

Colors: Jim Charalampidis



This review only contains one story (Desolation Boulevard) of the four contained in the 100 page Teen Titans Giant-Sized comic, which features Sideways, two Teen Titans stories, and Lex Luthor.  Dan Jurgens continues the tale of the Teen Titans confronting the Fearsome Five over detonation devices placed in and around San Francisco.  Raven is the narrator of the action as she struggles with the inner evil that she keeps at bay in order to answer the true calling of her being a hero.  Robin, Raven Beast Boy and Starfire, after their last confrontation, confront the Fearsome Five as the Disruptor continues to program the exploding devices as part of a larger H.I.V.E plan.  Just when the Titans have turned the table to their favor, in part to a Beast Boy in King Kong mode (It must the week of Apes for DC as a myriad of titles feature every simian from Grape Ape to Magilla Gorilla.  At the last minute and with the Titans on the ropes, Raven finally relinquishes to being judge, jury, and possible executioner of the Disruptor as she unleashes her full power and acknowledges herself as the daughter of Trigon!


I loved the insight that Jurgens provides into Raven’s head.  And on one panel to have Raven almost in a “Two-Face” mode where her face is shadowed on one side, Scott Eaton visually accomplishes letting us see the inner battle that is going on as Raven battles to stop her power from going full throttle!  And Beast Boy as a Green King Kong is awesome!



These new stories within the 100-page titles are constant cliffhanger issues and this reviewer is hooked!  The only negative is that one wants more and more of the story!



Four stories in one book….count me in!  Each story with a different story line provides a reader a chance to go at a galloping pace to get the book read or to take a break to digest it one morsel at a time!  Dan Jurgens is always a wonderful constant in the DC universe and he delivers a different Raven that we have been looking for!

Carl Bryan

Doc B is a college physical education instructor that has coached numerous sports on the rec, club, and collegiate level. He has a wonderful wife, two awesome kids, and remembers when Kryptonite came in a lot of different forms. He also has learned not to utter "Mxyzptlk" backwards!