Review: Damage #11

by Carl Bryan
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Storytellers: Aaron Lopresti and Robert Venditti

Inker: Matt Ryan

Colors: HiFi

Letters: Tom Napolitano



It’s a last ditch effort by members of the Justice League to stop Damage and his destructive trail. after his previous leveling of the military lab known as “The Burrow” .  Ethan gathered more clues about his alter-ego’s existence in the last issue, therefore this is a continuation of his journey to hold those that made him accountable. This issue is about battle with a quartet of Leaguers (Flash, Guy Gardner, Vixen, and Green Arrow) attempting to slow down Damage, but from the cover, we know the calvary has been called in the form of Superman!  Sometimes good is not good, and sometimes bad is not bad.  However, perception is reality when the JLA is called in to stop Damage!



The story is reminiscent of the original Doomsday saga, but with a twist.  Damage has the constant one hour clock that is ticking away, so the reader knows how long the melees will last and subsequently what the world has to endure while Damage is not his human form of Ethan Avery.  As a late adapter into the Damage issues, this reviewer is impressed with the bad super soldier formula that has been administered, however, I will be delving into back issues (as I hope each of you will if you are a newcomer to Damage) to get the insight needed on this new “anti-hero”.  Ethan has some what of a control and a moral compass over Damage, but once the monster is turned on, it’s turned on.  Cue the Bill Bixby monologue “Don’t make me angry.  You wouldn’t like me when I am angry!”.




This story has a ring of Doomsday to it.  The gallery of Heroes, Green Arrow, Vixen, Guy Gardner, and The Flash, are unable to contain Damage, thus Superman is the only answer.  It seems implausible that a Captain America type of super serum has now created a Doomsday creature that can even stand up to a Green Lantern power ring as well as Vixen’s Beast Boy like powers.  However, here we are.  Also, the cover is misleading in that one is led to think that the real battle occurs within this issue, but it is simply a possible preview of things to come as Superman arrives late in the game, and Damage withstands a full onslaught of heat vision.


To be honest, I am now curious as to where a creature like Damage goes now that he is now confronted with the most powerful hero on the planet.  If Superman has indicated that the quartet of heroes before him has taken it easy on Damage, and Damage has withstood a heat vision blast from Supes, then we may be in for some interesting future issues as this collision of old mainstay heroes and new creatures may be infusing their will upon the DC landscape at a pretty rapid pace.  I’ll take a chance on following Damage….hope you will!


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