DC Universe Show Stargirl Casts Two More Actors As Series Regulars

Two actors, Yvette Monreal and Christopher James Baker, have been cast for a yet unrevealed pair of roles for the upcoming show Stargirl (airing exclusively on the DC Universe streaming service).

Stargirl continues to be in pre-production as DC show veteran Greg Berlanti continues to develop the show alongside DC veteran Geoff Johns, who will be writing the first episode.

As for those that have been cast, actress Yvette Monreal may be recognized by some for her work as Senna Galan in the movie Matador (2014) and as Reagan in MTV’s Faking It (2014). She is currently scheduled to appear in the upcoming Rambo movie Rambo V: Last Blood (2019).

Actor Christopher James Baker is an actor and writer who has worked on such projects as True Detective (2014), Ozark (2017), and Shades Of Blue (2016).

The Star role (pun intended) was already announced a while ago and will have actress Brec Bassinger as Star-girl.

As of now, no official release date has been set but it appears the show is well into pre-production.


Joseph Marcas

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